Let's rethink our impact as a community.

Can you align your carbon footprint with the Paris Climate Goals?
How does your footprint compare with your classmates and community?

To find out, try the Mobile Carbon Footprinting app during our Spring 2019 pilot:

Join the footprinting pilot @ MIT and Harvard

Members of the MIT & Harvard community can contribute to this research on understanding and engaging with our carbon footprints, on & beyond campus.
See below for the invitation to the Spring 2019 pilot challenge.

Step 1: Download

Download the app, sign in, and answer an initial survey to get started

Step 2: Track

For the first 2 weeks, let the app run to automatically track your footprint & tap on a mini-survey in less than 2 minutes a day

Step 3: Learn

For the next 2 weeks, you can see your footprint feedback and compare it with our community's emissions, then do the follow-up survey

Step 4: Benefit

Get $15 and our gratitude for finishing the challenge, and $30 more if we have a follow-up chat with you

To participate in the MIT/Harvard pilot, download the app & start tracking now

Invitation to students, faculty, staff, and friends of the MIT/Harvard community

We are seeking student, faculty, staff, and related participants for a research study conducted by Professor Chris Zegras and PhD student J. Cressica Brazier from the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.).

The purpose of our study is to pilot a smartphone app that helps individuals and communities understand and manage their carbon footprints due to everyday activities. We invite you to help us explore the potential of new digital technologies in sensing and understanding our daily energy use. We anticipate that this study will lead to publicly available tools for community engagement in climate mitigation planning and personal carbon footprinting.

The pilot process consists of:

1. Installing the smartphone app and completing an initial survey (less than 30 minutes)

2. Running the smartphone app to automatically collect a two-week activity diary, then using the app to confirm the daily diary information (a couple minutes a day)

3. Viewing the carbon footprint feedback in the app, while running the app and confirming the diary for another two weeks (a couple minutes a day), then filling out a short follow-up survey (less than 20 minutes)

4. Participants who successfully complete the app pilot will receive a $15 incentive and may be invited to a short interview, for an additional incentive.

You are a possible participant in this study because you are a student, staff member, or friend of the MIT/Harvard community. No specialized knowledge or preparation is required to participate. You will need your own Android or iOS smartphone in order to use our app. This study is completely voluntary. You have the right to end your participation at any time. Please read the following pages for a description of the phases of the study and compensation. Feel free to ask us any questions using the contact information below, before deciding whether or not to participate.

We greatly appreciate your consideration!

Mobile Carbon Footprinting Research Team

Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT

Chris Zegras

Associate Professor,
Transportation & Urban Planning

Cressica Brazier

PhD Candidate
Team Contact (cressica@mit.edu)

Nina Mascarenhas

MCP Candidate
Research Assistant

Adriana Jacobsen

DUSP Undergraduate
UROP Researcher

Daniel Palencia

MCP Candidate
Software Architect